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“HowHi markers, magnetic jump markers for show jumping”

RhiannaHow this all started: I started this project as part of my Design Technology GCSE in 2011. Part of my exam was to create something new for a certain criteria; I chose the sport section as I wanted to make a pair of show jump wings for home. In this section I decided to make a height marking system for show jumps, as I know first-hand how difficult it is to judge the heights of show jumps while at home and away at competitions. On my original design technology product I made the markers out of wood with the heights carved in with four screws attaching it to the wing, this in the long run was not very practical as it would be very time consuming for those who want to paint their wings, so we have changed them to be practical for the average rider.

Why I Invented HowHi markers: Nothing like this has ever been produced before. Many people would like to know how high they have been jumping in the field or in their arena, also for those who usually work in imperial units to metric units. The times of having to go inside to find a tape measure are gone, it is an easier and simpler way of seeing how high you are jumping.


The unique idea of having a magnetic strip on the back means easy removal of the height marker so you can paint and maintain your show jumps without the fuss of having to unscrew and screw them back on which is very time consuming. The second reason for doing this, and most importantly for me, is for the use of them in practice rings at competitions. At the moment there is nothing that tells you the height of the jump. As we all know it is not allowed to jump bigger than the class that is going on. Many times this rule is not adhered to, but this product would make sure it is enforceable.

I hope you love HowHi markers!

Rhianna Jones

“Now you can get your hands on HowHi markers...”

HowHi markers are now available via our online store, you can use PayPal or if you don't have an account you can use your credit or debit card.

Spectators and competitors will be able to see the fence height and therefore be able to tell which class is in progress, if you wish to purchase a number of sets for this purpose please contact us by email at for a special bulk order price. If you wish to purchase higher fence heights, for spectators to see the height of fences in top level classes, we can produce them to order.


40CM >> 110CM Pack of 8

£4.99 per pack

70CM >> 140CM Pack of 8

£4.99 per pack

Imperial Pack of 5

£4.99 per pack


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